Sunday, December 03, 2006

Valerie Hughes*

Tribute on behalf of the Canadian Council on International Law read by Professor Hugh Kindred at the celebration of Professor Macdonald's life held at Dalhousie University on November 30, 2006

The Canadian Council on International Law has lost more than just a great friend and supporter. We have lost our creator and founding President. Thirty-five years ago, in June 1972, Professor Macdonald, together with a small group of Canadian international law academics, approved a formal motion to establish the Canadian Council on International Law, now usually referred to as the CCIL. Professor Macdonald was elected the Council's first President. The specific objectives of the Council, as described in its Charter, include to bring together scholars of international law and organization engaged in teaching or research at Canadian universities, to encourage and conduct studies in international law with a view to its progressive development and codification, to contribute to the continuing development of a world community through the creative use of modern international law, and to foster the study of the legal aspects of Canada's international problems and to advocate their solution in accordance with existing or developing principles of international law. The striking similarity between the objectives of the Canadian Council on International Law and the special interests held dear by Professor Macdonald will not be lost on any of you. The Council is now several hundred members strong and is preparing to celebrate its 35th anniversary at a conference in Ottawa next October. At the most recent annual Conference of the CCIL, held last month in Ottawa shortly after Professor Macdonald passed away, we had an opportunity to honour our Founding President at a special session dedicated to him. Participants spoke about Professor Macdonald's impressive accomplishments and his endless energy and enthusiasm for international law. What was especially telling, however, were the stories of how Professor Macdonald had mentored and assisted so many, both in their studies and in their careers in international law. It seems the CCIL was only one of Professor Macdonald's many creations. For he seems to have fostered an entire generation of international lawyers in Canada and abroad.

We extend our sympathies to Professor Macdonald's family.

*President, Canadian Council on International Law


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