Thursday, November 02, 2006

Professor Errol Mendes

There is no greater contribution to the academy of knowledge than a mentor who guides new entrants into any field of human endeavour. For me, there was no greater mentor as a young professor of law starting his career than Ronald St. John Macdonald. When I started teaching international law at the University of Alberta in Edmonton at the very tender age of 23, I was feeling to say the least isolated and a little doubtful that I had made the right choice. From the very beginning, Ron was there to give me encouragement whenever I came to CCCIL conferences and he made me feel part of a Canada wide support network of international law professors. With his encouragement, I persisted and would not be where I am today, if it were not for that critical mentorship. His work as mentor to the new entrants into the field he so loved and so excelled in is just one aspect of a great sprit who showed everybody that any field of human knowledge requires not only a collection of single enquiring and ambitious minds, but also a bond of friendship, solidarity and cooperation that transcends individual and institutional goals in the pursuit of the progress of all humankind. Ronald, I salute your great sprit.


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