Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chidi Oguamanam

When I moved to Halifax a couple of years ago, two close friends of Professor Macdonald's advised me to contact him on arrival. One actually visited Halifax shortly after my arrival and facilitated my personal contact with Ron. As was his custom, Ron invited us to lunch. That first encounter left an indelible memory of a charming, witty and compassionate gentleman who was in the business of touching so many lives in many positive ways. Over lunch, we started a conversation on many areas of Ron's academic interests in international law.

Later, I had the privilege of assisting him in a research project. Since then, we met as regularly as our schedules and Ron's ill-health permitted. Ron gave me many tips for career success as an academic; he shared with me stories from his experience as a budding scholar. He was always interested in knowing how my teaching and research commitments progressed. Despite his frail health, he never ceased to inquire if there was any way he could be of assistance to me. I always marveled after each inquiry! I figured that the inquiry should be the other way round. He was so gracious to have given me the opportunity to select some precious titles from his rich library of books. Although our acquaintance was for a short period, Ron's compassion, humility and infectious good nature are life-long impressions to be cherished.


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